1st Birthday Party Themes for Boy's | Birthday Outfits | Birthday Decoration Ideas

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1st Birthday Party Themes for Boy's | Birthday Outfits | Birthday Decoration Ideas

Theme Based Birthday Parties are the trend of the town, and when the first birthday celebration is united with a theme based decoration and outfits, it makes the whole thing much more enjoyable, poised and memorable when compared to an ordinary birthday party, and why should it not, themes in birthday parties not only allows everyone to dress up in frostbitingly cool outfits, but also allows your imaginations to run wild, where decorations are concerned.


First Birthdays are always special, so, don’t let COVID-19 sabotage this very important day in your prince’s life by not celebrating it, so here we present to you, peony kids couture best picks of 1st Birthday party themes for boys, that will make his 1st birthday memorable, without much hassle, possible, even at your home.


Superhero Themed Birthday Party






Form Superman, to Batman, from Spiderman to Iron-Man, from “ With great power comes great Responsibilities” to “I Love you-3000” the possibilities are endless, and so are costumes, this easy theme is loved by all boys and has been a favorite for over 6 decades, and that comes with its own perks, with easy to find Costumes and easily accessible decorating items this theme makes your birthday party preparations, a piece of cake, Pun intended. 


Ocean Themed Birthday Party



Blue Marks the all-time favorite Color of all guys, and with a color based theme, the possibilities become infinite, Ocean is one such theme, with great movies like The Little Mermaid and Shark tale, and  the fact that our vast ocean is beaming with aquatic life makes, this theme becomes a breeze to prepare, just imagine your little prince all dressed up as nemo, crawling on all fours around the blue fin cake, do make sure to keep an eye on him, as you don’t want to end up Finding Nemo.


Jungle Based Birthday Party



Green and brown, from insects to the mighty Elephant, this Birthday theme is easily organize-able, this Birthday theme is sure to make all eyes pop, and the photographs are bound to look lush green and stunning,  just throw in a few red, blue and green lights, combined with plants from your own garden, and voila you have the best themed birthday party on your hands and don’t forget we at peony stock the best animal themed clothes, to add that missing glitter in every child’s eyes, that sees it.

Cartoon Themed Birthday Party 



All children are in love with Tom and Jerry, it’s quite certain some of us adults also do enjoy the occasional foolhardiness of these imaginary characters, and that’s what makes this theme so enjoyable. As it brings nostalgia back to the hearts of parents and brings joy to the hearts of children, may it be, Chota Bheem or Johnny bravo, may it be the power puff girls or the monkey mastermind Mojo Jojo, all are still close to our hearts and so they will be to your children’s hearts, once they see those birthday photographs, a few years from now. Peony understands this and always has these cartoon themed clothes in their stock.


Jurassic Themed Birthday Party

What person is not fascinated with dinosaurs, just multiply that fascination a hundred folds, and you’d understand the level of excitement a child has for his little friend the Dino. A Jurassic themed birthday party can be both lavish and fun. With gift wrapped around in small different sized eggs, for children, your little prince all dressed up in a T-Rex outfit, ready to terrorize other herbivores, the pictures, oh the pictures, so adorable, will mark the beginning of an era, and make the birthday as special as the big bang.


Pirate Themed Birthday Party

Pirates have been around for the past 6 centuries, and their charm just doesn’t seem to suspend, may it be that eye patch or the crooked nose, may it be the metal hook for a leg or that large pointy hat, there is something about those pirates, that simply always stands out, and so will your party, if you go with this theme, the tattered ship and the crew singing and dancing, all while waiting for your little captain jack sparrow to slash that cracken shaped cake, in half.



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