The birthday party dress guide

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The birthday party dress guide

Dressing up little girls has never been an eas job. Once your little one, is able to challenge you and make their own decisions the task gets even harder. They have their thoughts and ideas, even if they want to put on two different pairs of shoes, they want to do it and will butt heads with you to get their wait kicking and screaming (sometimes literally).


Imagine what they can do when they are getting ready for a birthday party, it can be tough and there can be lots of drama. So we at Peony bring to you a hand on guide of the 5 types of outfits you can dress your little one in and never be late for a birthday party again, wishful thinking? No!


This list is carefully designed to suit both yours and your little one’s taste. So, let's get on with it.


Let’s make your life a tab bit simpler.


  1. Go pink: If you have a little girl you know pink net and frills will always go. Hardly any girl is able to say no to the lethal cute combo of pink and net. Why do they love it? Because it makes them feel like princesses. Why would you love it? Because it makes your little one happy and gets you to the party on time. Pro-Tip: combine this with a cute hair band and the outfit is golden. Shop some cute dresses here

  2. For outdoor parties: Is the party outdoor with lots of adventurous activities? Scared she might oppose to pants? Worry not go for a darker color with cute motifs on it. How about cute swans and scooters. Maybe a little frill to add the girls touch? These outfits will be perfect for that setting and your little one will be a total diva. Shop dresses like these here.

  3. When the party is casual: In that case a frilly dress won’t work, you have to go fashionable yet sleek. Peony couture suggest smart cotton dresses. Maybe a belted button down dress or a classic polo dress. You can go a notch higher and dress her up in a stylish printed romper.

  4. Still in doubt? Go Floral: Girls and floral never go wrong. For a fancy party dress her up in a fit and flare floral dress for a casual party go printed. Florals give a fresh and vibrant look. Get some floral dresses here

So there you have it a list of awesome couture you can dress your little one in.

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